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Gisakura Guest House. Gisakura Guest House is located in 2km outside the Nyungwe National Park close to the Gisakura Tea Estate precisely on the road from Park to Ruzizi former Cyangugu. Guest House offers good access shortly to visit Chimpanzees, Different trails, Canopy walk, Bird species with 24 endemic to the Central African Highlands,The lodge is situated in the Gisakura working tea plantation, on the edge of the Nyungwe National Park, East Africa's largest protected high altitude rainforest and the largest tract of mountain rain forest on the African continent. Nyungwe Forest Lodge consists of 22 luxury rooms which are situated in 6 wooden villas of four rooms each. nyungwe forest lodge gisakura

The Lodge is located on the edge the beloved and revered Nyungwe Forest National Park, in southwest Rwanda, a haven for primates in Africas largest mountain rain forest right at your doorstep. It is situated within the working tea plantation of Gisakura International airport offering excellent links fromto major African and European cities.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge. Nyungwe forest lodge was set up in 2010 and has fast become a favorite with tourists in the area. It is situated in a tea plantation close to the Nyungwe forest. This lodge was the first ever 5 star accommodation establishment in the region. It has some of the best facilities in Rwanda and very good service. Nyungwe Forest Lodge lies on the edge of Rwanda's Nyungwe Rain forest National Park in the SouthWest of the country. It boasts an impressive view overlooking the forest canopy from a ridge on one side and a teaplantation on the other. Nyungwe Forest Lodge offers guests exceptional 5star comfort and ensures an experience rich in local culture, fluently fused with quality service and Africannyungwe forest lodge gisakura Apr 30, 2018 Gisakura Guesthouse, Nyungwe Forest, Rwanda. Whilst basic, the resthouse offers good access to the Waterfall Trail and the colobus troop living on the Gisakura Tea Estate. Vervet monkeys occasionally pass through the grounds, a fair variety of birds are present in the small patch of forest in front of the resthouse.

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Nyungwe Forest Lodge. in Nyungwe Rainforest National Park and these include the likes of chimpanzees. It was the very first 5 star lodge to be built in this region. These 24 rooms are subdivided into villas and each villa has 4 rooms. nyungwe forest lodge gisakura ORTPN rest house also referred to as Gisakura guest house is located in the southwestern side of Rwanda close to Nyungwe tropical forest. Cheap, budget and affordable hotels in Nyungwe park. ORTPN resthouse Gisakura guest house. Accommodation near Nyungwe Forest safari park. Nyungwe Forest National Park. The park is located in the south western part of Rwanda covering an area of over 1000Sq Km about 600square miles. The area was gazzetted as a reserve forest in 1934 and was first called the Rujeje forest by the first forest duellers. It was declared a National Park in 2005 by the Rwandan Government. Nyungwe Forest Lodge is located in a very scenic area surrounded with stunning natural flora to enhance peace and relaxation to all travelers around the world. It is found in Gisakura a working tea plantation area along the boundary of the beautiful Nyungwe Forest National Park. The lodge is a 5 star lodge offering exceptional comfort with rich One& Only Nyungwe House Alongside ancient rainforest, within the lush green expanse of a working tea plantation, One& Only Nyungwe House offers an exclusive

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