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2020-02-17 18:17

Sangha Lodge is a labour of love. Having guided tours for Steppes to the region for a number of years, Rod fell in love with the region and moved out there permanently as he says himself this is home to me. And what a home.Sangha lodge. Situated on the banks of the Sangha River 7 km upstream from Bayanga, this quiet Lodge is an ideal base for those visiting the Dzanga Sangha Special Reserve. With easy access to all the park activities this lodge also offers additional activities such as hikes to several beautiful waterfalls, great birdwatching, including a site dzanga sangha lodge

Visiting Dzanga Sangha. The best time to visit the Dzanga Sangha Reserve is from December to March, but it is possible to visit it at any time of the year. To enjoy the wonderful Dzanga Sangha Reserve we recommend a stay of 4 or 5 nights at Doli Lodge plus 1 or 2 nights in

Dzanga Sangha and Sangha Lodge are perfectly safe to travel too, despite what government travel warning will advise. Travel warnings are always going to be a problem for anyone working on conservation based tourism programs in Africa, and the well meaning warnings of governments worldwide are often exaggerated to cover any eventuality. Doli Lodge Hotel For accommodation in the Reserve the hotel complex Doli Lodge is at your disposal. It is located in approximately 1 km distance to Bayanga at a very beautiful site on the banks of the Sanghadzanga sangha lodge May 27, 2019 Dzanga Sangha is off the beaten path in a country that most governments tell you don't visit but I arranged my trip there through Sangha Lodge, run by the Cassidy family. It is a spectacular park and we were well served by the guides and

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Sangha Lodge was opened in 2009, and has been an important part of DzangaSangha's development since its opening. The Coup which interrupted progress in Tourism in 2013, set development in the region back by 5 years and at this point tourism is at levels of the early 2000's, however a positive attitude and an optimistic staff point in the right direction for tourism only to develop. dzanga sangha lodge

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