Local government source of revenue

2020-02-25 05:30

Jan 14, 2019 As one might imagine and as you have correctly guessed, it is primarily taxes paid by people like you and I. [1 More specifically, they are as follows: Revenue Inflows of resources to the government that the government demands or that it receivOne of the sources of revenue to local governments is income from their commercial activities. Some local governments maintain transport services, farms, local government source of revenue

Sales and gross receipts taxes are another main source of state and local government tax revenue. This category includes both general sales and selective sales taxes. General sales taxes are levied on all types good and services (subject to certain exemptions).

Government also makes revenue from its debtors for loans it gives out to them. Government makes this money as a result of taking interest on the loans given out to its debtors. The above are some of the major sources of government revenue. All governments in the world generate revenue to run their respective countries and meet public expenditure through the means mentioned above. local government source of revenue

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