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Oct 21, 2013 A clip's x, y location is always relative to it's parent. So unless it's a child of the stage, or the parent is at 0, 0 you can use localToGlobal to give you it's location on the stage. var globalPoint: Point Point(0, 0)); That would give you the global position of that clip.Overview. Promoting diversity, freedom of speech, and academic freedom of discussion. The Local to Global Justice Forum and Festival is a gathering for sharing knowledge that doesn't rely entirely on experts. At this annual event, we recognize that everyone localtoglobal

Local to Global Protection is an initiative intended to document and promote local perspectives on protection survival and recovery in major humanitarian crises

local to global website designwith a social impact. LocaltoGlobalDesign helps socially conscious entrepreneurs, small businesses, and community organizations maximize their social impact with visually meaningful websites. Its about equity over equality. LocaltoGlobalDesign hopes to level the playing field so that the most socially conscious professionals can still gain access to quality Local to Global. Although we live our lives in our local place, we are connected with people across the globe through trade, governmental relationships, and social connections, as well as through our shared humanity. Share. Like Pin it Email.localtoglobal home of the forum& festival. Each year Local to Global Justice presents the Forum and Festival, an annual event that seeks to connect local diversity, sustainability, social justice, and human rights issues to larger global struggles. This event provides an outstanding space for the sharing of experiences and knowledge between scholars and activists working on a wide range of social justice

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The Local to Global Big Idea acknowledges the fact that our local actions are all inextricably linked to a broader global context. It looks at globalized consumerism as a root cause of the acceleration of cultural contamination and examines the impact of social media on our ability to localtoglobal

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