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2020-02-19 03:13

May 04, 2010 I am having some problems with the CCNP Lab BGP Challenge Lab, specifically how to apply localpreferencemed weighting to manipulate the backup route to ISP routers. The full scenario can be viewed here. I have attached my configurations below.Local preference is the second BGP attribute. You can use local preference to choose the outbound external BGP path. Local preference is sent to all internal BGP routers in your autonomous system. Not exchanged between external BGP routers. Local preference is a wellknown and discretionary BGP attribute. Default value is 100. cisco bgp med local preference

ACX Series, M Series, MX Series, T Series, EX4600. Understanding the Local Preference Metric for Internal BGP Routes, Example: Configuring the Local Preference Value for BGP Routes

How can the answer be improved? Oct 07, 2015  In the previous blog post, we looked at the BGP NEXTHOP attribute. Today well cover another attribute: the LOCALPREF or local preference. What is LOCALPREF? The LOCALPREF (local preference) is the first attribute a Cisco router looks at to determine which route towards a certain destination is the best one and deserves a spot in the routers routing bgp med local preference Nov 07, 2014  BGP follows a systematic procedure for choosing the best path. There are other important attributes such as weight, local preference, originate route, and AS path that are taken in to account before considering the MED attribute. So, if any of these criteria matches, the MED attribute will not be

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LOCAL PREFERENCE. You can control the local preference for your announcements on the Sprint router using a community string which you may pass to Sprint in your BGP session. The following table lists the community strings and the corresponding local preference that Sprint will set in the network. cisco bgp med local preference

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