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Bhattacharyya and Furnstahl, nuclphys The singleparticle spectrum of usual KohnSham approach is unphysical, with the exception of the Fermi level. The singleparticle spectrum of extended KohnSham approach has physical meaning! Local Density Approximation (LDA) Kohn and Sham, 1965 Normal Fermi systems only!T, V are functions of the density, while the density is a function of three spatial coordinates. A function whose argument is itself a function is called a functional. local density approximation ppt

The local density approximation. The results so far are exact, provided that the functional form of is known. The problem of determining the functional form of the universal HohenbergKohn density functional has now been transferred to this one term, and therefore this term is not known exactly.

In current density functional theory, developed by Vignale and Rasolt, the functionals become dependent on both the electron density and the paramagnetic current density. In magnetic field density functional theory, developed by Salsbury, Grayce and Harris, [26 the functionals depend on the electron density and the magnetic field, and the functional form can depend on the form of the magnetic field. Localdensity approximation (LDA) for exchangecorrelation; Supercell with surface on one side, pseudohydrogen on the other side; Damped Newton dynamics to optimize atomic structure; 8 Possible structures. b(2x4) a(2x4) z(4x2) b2(2x4) a2(2x4) a3(2x4) b3(2x4) We also considered the corresponding (4x2) structures (which are rotated by 90o, and In andlocal density approximation ppt Introduction to FirstPrinciples Method Joint ICTPCASIAEA School& Workshop on PlasmaMaterials Interaction in Fusion Devices, July 1822, 2016, Hefei. Theory Experiment Computer Modeling& Simulation Local density approximation

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An Introduction of Density Functional Theory and its Application Di Zhou This article starts with a brief history and idea interpretation of the Density Functional Theory (DFT), and then explains more detailedly about the original thought of simplest approximation is the LocalDensity Approximation (LDA). LDA is based upon using the uniform local density approximation ppt evaluated at the local density. 76 The Local Density Approximation (LDA) The LDA approximation assumes that the density is slowly varying and the inhomogeneous density of a solid or molecule can be calculated using the homogeneous electron gas functional. While The local spin density approximation (LSDA) (Parr and Yang, 1989) is an extension of the LDA methodology that conceptually resembles UHF calculations as it treats differently the electrons depending on their spin projection or. It is equivalent to the LDA approximation for closedshells systems near the equilibrium geometry, but it works is the local density approximation T s, EHartree, and Exc are all universal functionals in n(r), i. e. , they are independent of the special system studied. (general theory: see the work by Levy and Lieb) Ceperley and Alder (1980) xcjellium(n) E xcLDA xcjellium(n) n(r) d3r The xc Functional n neglecting is the local density approximation T Local density approximation (LDA): assume the xc energy of an electron at point r is equal to for jellium, using the density n(r) at point r. Then total Exc for the whole system is: Some kind of justification can be given for LDA (see xxxxxxx).

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