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2020-02-25 21:05

Local Government and the Australian Constitution Scott Bennett The politics of amending the Constitution Many local government officials are seeking to have local government written into the national constitution. Such a change will be difficult to achieve, for Australians tend to regardLocal Government. The Australian Constitution recognises Government at Federal and State levels, but makes no mention of local government. Constitution Alteration (Local Government) 1988 proposed to alter the constitution so as to recognise local government. The proposal was put to a referendum in the Australian referendum, 1988. local government australian constitution

The Australian Government has also committed to hold a referendum on the recognition of Local Government in the Australian Constitution. Council General Manager, Russ Pigg said Local Government deserved to be recognised in Australias founding political and legal document saying the lack of recognition may be detrimental to Councils future

Recognition of local government in the Australian Constitution has been rejected three times. The first was when the Constitution was drawn up, the second was at referendum under a Labor government in 1974 and the third was at a referendum under a Labor government in 1988. The Federal Government. Under the Australian Constitution, the States are responsible for everything not listed as a Federal responsibility. However, sometimes both levels are involved. Major State responsibilities include schools, hospitals, conservation and environment, roads, railways and public transport, public works, agriculture and fishing,local government australian constitution

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