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How can the answer be improved?Feb 03, 2019 MacHG FileMerge on a side note, for some strange reason doesn't like doing diffs out of the repository with the working copy of Localizable. strings. Both the left and right panes appear empty. Both the left and right panes appear empty. localisable strings ios

Localizable. strings files for iOS app localization

I'm having this really mind breaking problem. I created a Localizable. strings file in XCode and then 2 languages in it. I filled up these files with the language translations, did a buildclean and Mar 21, 2016 The entries in this example come from the English version of the Localizable. strings file from the TextEdit application. The string on the left side of each equal sign represents the key, and the string on the right side represents the value.localisable strings ios The initial value for key in the strings file will be key. Use the NSLocalized String With Default Value macro to specify another value for key. As of OS X 10. 11 and iOS 9, NSBundle is threadsafe. As such, NSLocalized String can safely be called from any execution context.

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Jul 25, 2016 To add Localizable. strings file, go to FileNewFile, choose Strings File under Resource tab of iOS, name it Localizable. strings, and create the file. Now, you have a Localizable. strings file localisable strings ios Extract your hardcoded app strings for iOS localization. Advanced users: Since version 6, Xcode has decided to hide the Localizable. strings file for your English strings by default. While you see the Localizable. strings file for, say, your French translation in the fr. lproj folder (only AFTER you import the French XLIFF file),

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