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The only way to get a local is to switch at either Forest Hills or Jackson Heights. There isn't a local E following by an express E. The 7 train is one of the few where they alternate between express and local at peak hours but they're all 7 trains. There is a 7 local and a 7 express. You don't have that on the E.From Limited Express to Local Train. Express trains explained. express trains in japan. . Japanese trains are extremely efficient and fast, and a major part of their efficiency is due to all the different kinds of express trains! local train vs express

You know which trains are express and which are local by looking at a map, and seeing where that line stops. If it makes every stop, it is a local if it skips stations, and only stops at certain stations, that is an express train. Certain lines (such as the 6) are local trains, while others (such as the 4 and 5) are express.

Mar 28, 2009 Lulu, here's the difference between a local and an express. A Local train is a train that makes all local stops along a subway route. So, for example, the Lexington Avenue Local (that's the# 6 train, which is the Green Line on the subway map) makes all local stops from City Hall in Lower Manhattan to Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx. Category 1 Passengers, with routes between two express stations will surely choose to ride express trains and enjoy a reduction in overall Trip Time by about one minute per bypassed station. ; Category 2 Passengers, traveling between local stations, will not be able to make use of express train service unless two or more of the enroute stations having express service, which would then put thoselocal train vs express Jun 09, 2008  Best Answer: The A train is always express from 168th street through Euclid Avenue unless there is some construction (which is often). Between those stations, the C is local and the A is express. After that, there is no C, so the A runs local. Also, late at night (after midnight), the A runs local

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