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2020-02-18 00:20

I mean, Josh and I are right now sitting in Columbus, Ohio, at my house and we love it here. It's our hometown and it always will be. So I think in the song 'Fairly Local, ' it's more metaphor. We had a lot of conversations with a lot of people who like listening to music or using music to get through tough times.This is the more accurate interpretation, in the beginning he says IM FAIRLY LOCAL IVE BEEN AROUND IVE SEEN THE STREETS YOUR WALKING DOWN he's saying that he's been through a lot and he's been through what the guy is going through now and he sees where he's going to end up (I a bad way) like drugs or something like that. fairly local music video meaning

Music video. The music video for Fairly Local is shot in a dark, snow filled and presumably abandoned house, with Dun playing drums in a large room and Joseph singing in various different rooms of the house throughout the video.

Apr 28, 2015 Stressed Out Song Lyrics Meaning. The music is intense and varied with a wide array of styles being mashed into the only 3: 45 long, alsounique music video, in which Tyler and Josh revisit their childhood homes and families to ride kid's three wheelers and perform in their old bedrooms. But most interesting of all, In a latenight surprise for the skeleton clique, twenty one pilots have released a new music video, single and the title and release date for their impending album. Fairly Local, a chillingfairly local music video meaning Mar 25, 2015  Check out my podcast about song lyrics meanings! Fairly Local, a single from Blurryface, was released last week, and its really good. While Im afraid that it lacks a little bit of the lyrical depth of other Twenty One Pilots songs, the music

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