Can you have two male rabbits living together

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Aug 08, 2011 I am getting two male rabbits next week, they are from the same litter and are 8 weeks old. I know i will have to get them neutered in order for them to stand any chance of living happily together. But i was wondering if it is possible once neutered to live together without killing each other? ! Is there anyone who has successfully kept happy neutered male rabbits together?Can Rabbits Live Together? Other Important Points to Consider There are a number of things which make it far easier for two rabbits to live together. The most important thing is: Make Sure Rabbits Living Together Are Neutered. Neutering greatly reduces many bunny behaviours that can become negative when they get together. can you have two male rabbits living together

Mar 31, 2009 Any intact rabbits, male or female (females are actually more territorial, and therefor more aggressive) should not be kept together. Two neutered males are actually considered by some to be the best combination of rabbits you can have. You should neuter your rabbit, anyhow, as it is much healthier for him that way.

Yes, two female rabbits can live together but they must be bonded first. When rabbits are bonded, this means they love each other and can be trusted not to fight. When the right care and attention, pet rabbits can make loving, friendly and happy additions to your home. Under the right circumstances, two male rabbits living together may work well, although not necessarily always. Remember, all bunnies are different. Rabbits are social, so they do well when livingcan you have two male rabbits living together How can the answer be improved?

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When we first began matching rabbits, conventional wisdom held that males, even if neutered, cannot live together. We have cared for a great many male pairs, as well as larger groups with multiple males, and found that males can form close friendships. can you have two male rabbits living together Jun 08, 2009 Can 3 bunnies live together? Discussion in 'Rabbits' started by NickyB, Mar 11, 2009. Should also mention we have two cats as well both are fine with rabbits, but I guess we'd need to find a rescue pair that were happy with the cats. In the case of the last male to be added it took a good few weeks before he was fully part of the You can keep same sex rabbits together whether it's males or females. However, choosing to have both a female and a male living together makes it that much easier for them to form strong bonds with each other. However, both the male and the female must be neutered and spayed before you put them together Hormones play a large role in housing rabbits together and tend to raise the tension in housing situations. While it is not impossible to pair two male rabbits together, the desire for dominance can lead to hostility and fighting. In severe cases, rabbits can seriously injure or kill one another during fights.

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