List of disadvantages of living in a big city

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Aug 19, 2013  Advantages of living in a big city Big city is an exciting place to be in, its full live and movement 24 hours a day. Live is very easy. All facilities are available schools, hospitals and malls. In addition, there are the wide streets and tall buildings. Therefore, most people prefer living in a big city to benefit these advantages.Secondly, living in a big town is a big challenge for evening parties. In London, for example, there are so many things to do in the evenings like going to the cinema, to the pub or to the park during the summer period. Turning to the other side of the argument, traffic could be one of the major disadvantages of living in a big city. list of disadvantages of living in a big city

Aug 31, 2018  Disadvantages of living in the city. Since you already knew the pros of living in the city, lets take a close look at the cons. Lack of privacy. The main disadvantage of urban lifestyle necessitates the living in a fully crowded metropolitan. This extremely reduces your privacy because of little space and night activities.

Lack of privacy. The first major disadvantage is that the urban lifestyle necessitates the living in a crowded metropolitan. This precipitates the reduction in privacy due to the little space in the urban setting and the fact that there are always activities taking place even at night. Jun 28, 2018  The following are the main disadvantages of big city life: Cost of Living. The higher cost of living is the first disadvantage that people typically think of when considering moving to a city. Major cities always have a higher cost of living than the surrounding suburbs, and cities like San Francisco and New York routinely have the highest costs of living in the U. S. Normal living expenses such as rent andlist of disadvantages of living in a big city Nov 06, 2006 Advantages and disadvantages of living in a city and in the countryside. I would like to start with the advantages and disadvantages of the big city life. Living in such a big city has a lot of advantages. There is a big offer how to spend free time. There are a lot of theatres, concerts and other ways of entertainment.

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Jun 07, 2017 Traffic can be a nightmare in the big city. It can get so bad that it can turn you in to an evil person. If you hate driving in traffic, than the big city life is not for you. Pollution. Pollution is a sad reality for big city life and one of the biggest disadvantages. list of disadvantages of living in a big city There are many disadvantages in living in Cebu City. Cebu City is a highly populated area within the island of Cebu. Aside from a large population, it also has it's share of pollution and crime. 5 disadvantages of living in the city 1 Violence. The advent of violence in depressed areas has increased because of unemployment around large cities. These violent acts range from microtrafficking and smuggling to trafficking in persons. This phenomenon happens with severity in Asia, Africa and Latin America. 2 Collapse of public services Jan 28, 2015 And finally, many people think that life in big city is our prides. We are so happy when we live in a famous destination on the world, a beautiful and developed place that others desire to live in. On the other hand, some people want to leave big city because of many drawbacks. The first difficulty is pollution, especially in air and noise. The disadvantages of living in any big city are: There are very many crowds, it is overcrowded. Traffic is heavy and city's car parks are always very full.

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