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Jul 07, 2016 Glasgow and Edinburgh both have excellent public transportation in the city, and the entire country of Scotland is wellconnected via trains and buses. You can even get to the Isle of Skye on a bus! In Glasgow, I used the subway, which while small, gets you around in the city center and West End where I lived.There are around 18, 000 American expats living in Scotland, some of whom live in Glasgow. The American community organises meet ups and reunions. Size: The size of the population of the city of Glasgow equates to that of Jacksonville, Florida and Columbus, Ohio. living in glasgow expat

Latest Blogs by Expats Living in Scotland more expat blogs Glasgow. Coloring Without Borders We recently moved from Raleigh, North Carolina to Glasgow, Scotland. Join us on our expat journey as we stretch our boundaries and color (or colour) a bit outside the lines while living and traveling abroad.

In this Expat interview, Katie will share expat life in Glasgow. She will discuss the cost of living in Glasgow, things to do in Glasgow, how to overcome culture shock and more. About Glasgow, Scotland. Despite not being the capital of Scotland, Glasgow is the countrys largest city. Glasgow is the most populous city in Scotland, with 590, 000 people living there, while Edinburgh Scotland's capital has about 465, 000. Aberdeen and Dundee round outliving in glasgow expat Expat Guide to Living in Glasgow. Whether you're already living in Glasgow or preparing to move to Glasgow, our Expat Guide to Living in Scotland offers articles and reports submitted by expats about expat life in Glasgow. For answers to specific questions, visit our Scotland Forum to talk with expats in Glasgow.

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However, expats may find that their children can follow the IB curriculum at a private school. As the expat community of Glasgow grows, there may be a rise in the number of international schools but at present, the options are limited in this area. living in glasgow expat Expats moving to Glasgow will find Scotland's largest city nestled snug along the River Clyde in the country's central lowlands. About an hour west of the capital city of Edinburgh, Glasgow grew from its shipping and trade origins to embrace its role in the engineering Enjoy living and working in Glasgow. Are you an expat living in Glasgow? You will surely come across many questions, such as What documents does the British aliens department require for a work permit? , Which diseases do I need to have my pet checked for before bringing it along to the UK? , or What can other expats recommend for expat insurance providers in town? Make your expat project in Glasgow successful. Gritty and stylish all at once, Glasgow is a top destination for expatriation in Scotland. As the country's biggest city, it is a major economic and industrial hub, hosting many international companies. If you are looking for opportunities, Glasgow Make your expat project in Scotland successful. Small in size, Scotland is a real gem, located in the North of Great Britain. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, it has breathtaking landscapes and an amazing natural wealth which make it a top destination for expatriation.

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