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Apr 21, 2017 [LIMITED TIME# 2: Major Ed Dames; Farewell Message, # KillShot Updates& # Predictions By Dr Doom Ed Dames # RemoteViewing Major Ed Dames sees the UFO issue as coming from a nonhuman intelligenceThis is not a sensationalized fake news but rather a serious matter that you absolutely must know about. In fact, Major Ed Dames will be on national radio and TV shows soon to share this news with the world. Major Dames Killshot precursor prediction was quote North Korea would use a nuke in anger, resulting in the loss of human life major ed dames north korea

May 19, 2013  As many of you know, Ed Dames an expert remote viewer has laid out a certain sequence of events leading up to what he calls the Killshot, a CME so massive, it shreds through all the circuitry and electrical grids of earth, leaving it devoid of technology and

Major Ed Dames. 17, 477 likes 15 talking about this. Military intelligence officer Major Ed Dames (Ret. ) brought Remote Viewing out of top secret ED DAMES PROPHECY. On the Coast to Coast show (April 9, 2009) remote viewer Maj. Ed Dames issued some dire warnings of future events. Here is a rundown of what he sees coming: 1. Carson City, NV Quake (Before November 2009) In five to six months a powerful quake, probably in the 6. 5 to 7 range will hit near Carson City, NV. 2.major ed dames north korea Mar 15, 2013 For those of you who haven't come across this guy before, Major Ed Dames is a retired US Army soldier who worked as a remote viewer in Project Stargate. He was trained by Ingo Swann in the Coordinate Remote Viewing protocols. In 1989, after leaving the project, he founded Psi Tech, a private company offering remote viewing services.

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Jul 03, 2013 Major Ed Dames and North Korea. Major Ed Dames was part of the Stargate Project that was the US militarilys attempts at using Remote Viewing for intelligence purposes. What caught my attention recently was a video I saw a while back. major ed dames north korea Mar 25, 2017 Ed Dames extensively speaks of ET now, that they will prevent a major nuclear war but will not stop a North Korean nuclear blast. It exists in the time, he said, although dates cannot be set. NK will explode it probably on its own territory, set up as a trap for the incoming South KoreanUS army in counter offensiveand much more. RE: Major Ed Dames The End (Remote Viewing Predictions) 0 During the first video, Ed Dames talks about a nuclear weapon (17 minutes in) launched from North Korea right before the Aug 31, 2017  Major Ed Dames has broken his silence recently and is publicly giving updates on a number of topics so I thought that I would start a thread devoted to upcoming events : What is currently happening on the Korean Peninsula The use of nuclear weapons by North Korea The timing of Saturday's main guest, remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames discussed North Korea's nuclear capabilities, a coming global economic collapse, the Killshot, as well as a new breakthrough in remote viewing. Dames is certain the next use of a nuclear weapon will be on the Korean peninsula.

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