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Jan 09, 2018  An economics major would be able to move into the study of economics for a masters or PhD degree, while a business major would not be able to do so. Those with economics degrees or business degrees would all be able to pursue MBAs. On the other hand, pursuing an economics degree can involve a great deal of mathematics and analytical thought, simply by the nature of the field.The Business Economics (BSBA) major is highly structured with a specific set of business foundation and core classes that must be completed in a predetermined sequence. Two semesters of foreign language are required. You can think of this degree as learning about business and economics, consequently a minor is not required. business and economics major

Career Options. Business economists work for major corporations, investment firms and government agencies, gathering and analyzing critical information that these organizations can use to react to fluctuating markets and business cycles. Below are a few examples of careers that you can pursue with a degree in business economics.

PreMajor Requirements. Transfer students must have been admitted to UCLA as PreEconomics or PreBusiness Economics to pursue the Business Economics major. Students admitted under another major cannot switch into our department, and cannot add one of our majors as a double major. Business and Economics Degree OverviewThe Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics is the largest undergraduate business degree program at Lehigh, but with a total enrollment of approximately 1200 students, its still small enough for close interaction with faculty and fellow and economics major Economics involves more mathematics than business does: things vary from school to school, but business majors can often get away with taking some sort of math for dummies course, whereas econ majors usually have to take a year or two of calculus, as well as some statistics, and possibly econometrics (which is basically the use of math and statistics in economics).

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The Department of Business and Economics offers a variety of programs to prepare students for careers in the public and private sectors, graduate or professional school: an Applied Economics major and minors in Economics, Finance& Accounting and Management Studies. business and economics major

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