Major causes of poverty in america

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How can the answer be improved?Sep 13, 2011 Far from reducing the main cause of child poverty, the welfare state cannot even acknowledge its existence. The second major cause of child poverty is lack of parental work. major causes of poverty in america

The second thief is a major cause of poverty, while the first thief may very well be a victim of poverty that is caused by the second. Our attitude, as described in the above paragraph, is more than ironic; it is a factor that perpetuates poverty.

Mar 19, 2018  Causes of Poverty in America. While population explosion, lack of infrastructure, corruption, natural disasters, political instability, and war are some causes of poverty in third world countries, poverty in America is on account of some other factors. Let us highlight these in [citation needed Extreme poverty may affect lifespan, and the lack of money via some type of pension system increases the poverty rate among the elderly worldwide. Issues like hunger, illness and thirst are all causes and effects of poverty. South Africa. One of South Africa's major causes and effects of poverty is unemployment.major causes of poverty in america The Cause of Poverty Most Americans say poverty is the result of inequity in society rather than an individuals own fault. Twothirds of the public consider poverty a pervasive problem in the United States and more than a quarter consider themselves poor.

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faults, individual personal failure results in poverty. This thought pattern stems from the idea ofmeritocracythe view that those who are worthy are rewarded and those who fail to reap rewards must lack selfworth. A meritocratic view is entrenched within U. S. thought. A belief that personal failure leads to poverty often major causes of poverty in america

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