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Sober Living HouseRules Guest Agreement. This Agreement is between Mind, Body& Soul Recovery Housing and guest named below. As of the date listed all Rules and Regulations are expected to be followed without exception. The final signature on last page indicates that the guest fully understands this agreement and will abide by the terms herein.CONTRACT OF RESIDENCY Synergy Sober House is a transitional living facility for individuals who are recovering from alcohol or substance abuse. Residents are subject to substance testing at any time while living at Synergy Sober House. THE USE, ANDOR POSESSION OF DRUGS ANDOR ALCOHOL IS GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE EXPULSION. sober living home contract

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My own homeapartment Someone elses homeapartment In a medical, treatment, or other residential recovery setting Confidentiality Agreement The confidentiality of recovering persons living in a supportive living environment can be protected under Federal Law 42CFR, which protects residents from anyone outside of the program having 18. Contracts: The PV Sober Housing Manager will intervene on any behavior that is detrimental to your (or anothers) recovery. Individual contracts may be added to your Sober Housing commitment to better support your needs. Interventions may also be recommended by the Peer Community to support community needs. 19.sober living home contract Sober living homes offer individualized recovery plans and provide an environment that allows residents to work on their unique recovery program with the goal of becoming selfsupportive. Sober living relies heavily on the philosophy of peer support and involvement for recovery. 1 Newer models of sober living are sustained by residents who support themselves, pay their own rent, and purchase

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Aug 10, 2016  The Dos and Donts of a Recovery Contract Written by Kerry Nenn last updated 10 August 2016 Your loved one has completed a rehab program and is set to come home soon. You want to celebrate, but the hope you feel is cautious. sober living home contract Dec 07, 2018 A sober living home is typically run by a staff member who takes responsibility for making sure the house is drugfree and rules are being followed. you may lose your deposit or rent for the month if you leave prior to the agreedupon contract with the sober living house. Jul 20, 2010 Living at Home Agreement We want home to be a clean, sober and safe place for all of us. These are the two nonnegotiable terms to you returning home and staying at home, once you do; 1. Accept random drug& alcohol tests on 2 hours notice and provide consent for us to see the results 2. You can print it, fill it, and have it ready when you come and see us for the interview. Guide For Sober Living Environment Set Ups Produced by: Social Model Recovery Systems, Inc. 510 So. Second Avenue, Suite 7, Covina, CA and California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP) 2400 Marconi Ave. , Sacramento, CA Funding provided by: Los Angeles County Contract GH

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