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The following Academic Programs Chart lists Temple University's active degrees, majors, minors and certificates alphabetically, along with the school or college that grants each degree, majorEconomics majors with bachelor's degrees are well prepared to be managers in both the public and private sectors. Training in economics also provides a solid basis for professional study in law, business, public administration, and the health sciences. Learn more at the Temple University Bulletin website. temple list of majors

Temple University Majors. Helping, Counseling, Guiding, Teaching, Directing Writing, Creating, Arts. Kinesiology: Physical Education Track. LanguageLinguistics HumanitiesSocial Science. Secondary EducationSocial Studies. Secondary EducationBusiness, Computer, and Information Tech.

Succeed in the classroom. Lead in the world. With more than 140 undergraduate majors to choose from, youll be able to follow your passion or find your calling. Overviews of degree programs and requirements for more than 150 undergraduate majors, as well as for minors, concentrations and certificates. Information on study abroad and research opportunities. Academic policies and procedures. A directory of student support services.temple list of majors The studentfaculty ratio at Temple University is 14: 1, and the school has 37. 5 percent of its classes with fewer than 20 students. The most popular majors at Temple University include: Business

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Undergraduate Majors at Temple University The most popular major at Temple University is Psychology followed by Elementary Education and Teaching and Accounting. A list of all 120 available majors and annual graduates is presented below. temple list of majors The courses required to complete all majors are not offered on all campuses both day and evening. Please refer to the table below for the majors that can be completed day or evening at Temple Temple University Majors Psychology 385 Graduates. Kinesiology and Exercise Science 340 Graduates. Finance 307 Graduates. Accounting 284 Graduates. Marketing 276 Graduates. Radio, Television, and Digital Communication 243 Graduates. Biology 216 Graduates. Criminal Justice and Safety Studies Refine by School or College Temple University has 17 schools and colleges that offer an abundance of courses and majors to inspire and challenge you. Browse All Degree Programs. A. Accomplished Teaching MSEd. Accountancy MAcc. Accounting Major Minor. This major is available through the 33 Accelerated PreBaccalaureate Admission option, which is only available to incoming freshmen and provides students admission to Temple's Doctor of Physical Therapy program before they complete undergraduate degrees.

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