10 highest paying college majors

2020-02-21 18:53

Sep 24, 2018 Petroleum engineering majors reported the highest midcareer salaries through their careers. According to PayScale, workers with this degree make around 175, 000 a year.Here are 10 of the highestpaying college majors: 1. Engineering. Engineering degrees tend to be the highest paying majors that dominate just about any list out there, from petroleum engineering to chemical engineering and computer engineering. This type of degree offers a very broad range of studies, many of which tend to lead to highpaying careers postgraduation. 10 highest paying college majors

While the highest paid job of these options is as an actuary, graduates of an actuarial mathematics program can expect to make at least 60, 000 post graduation without the need to go to graduate school.

All of the top 10 highestpaying majors are in STEM fields, and only one isn't a kind of engineering. College graduates earn an average annual salary of 61, 000 over the course of their careers May 31, 2019 The average annual income students who graduate with a degree in petroleum engineering is about 169, 680 per year, according to Zippia, while graduates of the secondhighest paying major earn10 highest paying college majors

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