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2020-02-26 15:31

Industrial Design. The Industrial Design program awards a Bachelor of Industrial Design degree. The pedagogical core of the department aims to reinforce the foundation principles of design theory as applied to traditional and advanced technologies, i. e. new media, materials, and production techniques.May 22, 2019 Industrial Design Degrees Offered. Declaring the Major. All prospective freshmen, transfer, or change of major students intending to major in Industrial Design must meet JMU admission requirements as stated in the Undergraduate Catalog. Progressing in the Major. Remain in good academic standing industrial design major requirements

Industrial Designer Education Requirements. Prospective industrial designers may be required to possess basic art and design skills before entering into a bachelor's degree program. Additionally, industrial designers may choose to pursue a master's degree in business in order to gain a broader understanding of how the products they create will coincide with successful company strategy.

Industrial Design Major and Undergraduate Degree Programs. Bachelor of Science programs in industrial design focus on subjects such as materials, drawing, the fundamentals of design and the The program for the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design degree is a fouryear curriculum of at least 132 semester hours. The degree includes the universitys required core curriculum andindustrial design major requirements Industrial Design BDes Degree Requirements Industrial Design Major Requirements. General Education Requirements. Electives. In addition to the above listed general education requirements and major coursework, Satisfactory progress requirement for students accepted to the Bachelor of Design.

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Program Information. The Master of Industrial Design degree is intended as preparation for students assuming responsible roles in the profession of Industrial Design. Currently within the profession and in industrial design education, this degree is considered the terminal industrial design degree. industrial design major requirements

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