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The most popular major at Brigham Young University Provo is Exercise Physiology followed by Elementary Education and Teaching and English Language and Literature. A list of all 160 available majors and annual graduates is presented below.

Majors& Fields of Study at Brigham Young University Provo. Brigham Young University Provo offers 173 distinct undergraduate degrees, concentrated into 92 majors within 25 broad fields of study. Across all areas of study, Brigham Young University Provo awarded 6, 300 undergraduate degrees in 2016 Brigham Young University Provo, UT. . Directions to Campus Resources. AZ Index BYU Mobile App Counseling& Career Center Helping Distressed Students Library Office of IT Title IX University Police& Parking. Other CES Schools BYUHawaii BYUIdaho BYUPathway Worldwide LDS Business College Connect Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube BYU Alumnilist of majors at byu provo Clubs that are associated with BYU Departments, Majors, and Honor Societies and are focused on career development. Many are chapters of national organizations. Academic VP Office, C389 ASB Provo, Utah (801)

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The McKay School of Education offers the following teaching majors: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Physical Education TeachingCoaching (K12), and Special Education. The following teaching minors are offered: PE TeachingCoaching and TESOL K12. list of majors at byu provo Department Resources Tree List; Department of Biology Undergrad Majors Faculty and Staff Graduate Programs Research Resources Student Resources Bio 100. Sign In. Sign In. Search. Biology Contact. Department of Biology 4102 LSB Provo, Utah Department Resources. Forms MajorsMinors Find out which degree in the College of Agriculture and Life Science is the one for you. For more information about these majors, visit our catalog for Biology. Explore Department Catalog. Health Services: Majors. BYUIdaho values suggestions and ideas that can improve the university. Use our Feedback Form to let us know Majors at BYU range from about 40 to 100 credit hours. Some majors require what can be a lengthy application process while others do not. The following information will help you see the options available to you and provide a way for you to research the requirements of the majors you find interesting. You can choose from a list of preapproved clusters, available in the BYUIdaho catalog. These are recommended and have been carefully crafted by the department chairs in each discipline. Preapproved clusters can be declared at the appropriate Satellite Advising Center. Clusters are not required for every major and are not allowed in some.

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