How to rescue epona majora's mask

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Nov 19, 2008 Part 38 Finally got my horse back! You will see why i got a Red Potion in the next video, so make sure you get one.Instructions. Call and mount Epona. Ride to Milk Road or the Swamp area where there is an Owl statue. The glitch will not work if you do not ride her into the area where the Owl statue is, and if, at any time, you dismount Epona or pause the game, the glitch will end or fail to work. Z how to rescue epona majora's mask

To get Epona, the following items are needed first. 1. Goron's Mask. 2. Permission to use the bomb that only the Gorons can use. (After defeating Goht, the huge Goron will give it to you after you

Oct 25, 2000  Answers. You can leave the ranch at any time, and now you have found Epona! First, beat the Snowhead temple and pass the goron powder keg test. buy a keg from the goron in clock town's bomb shop, and place it outside the huge rock on milkroad. It needs to be day 1 for the rest of the days romani Requirements: Epona's Song Enter the Great Bay (west of Clock Town) while riding Epona. Go to the water and swim to the Zora that is floating in the water. Get behind him and swim toward the beach to push him out of the water, then talk to him again. Play the Song of Healing and you will get the Zora Mask. Circus Leader's Maskhow to rescue epona majora's mask So what happens to Epona in Majora's Mask? (self. truezelda) submitted 3 years ago by [deleted It's the same Epona. When Skull Kid says he got rid of it, he probably just mean he chased it off or left it somewhere, and Romani and Cremia found it. Tatl says it's your Horse, and Romani never mentions the horse belonging to them at all.

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