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Grade Five Music Theory Lesson 5: Key Signatures With the sharp keys, the general updown pattern is the same for treble, bass and alto clef. However, tenor clef is quite different and has to be learnt separately. youll first have to remember that F major uses 1 flat (Bb).Heres the F harmonic minor scale on the treble clef. Heres the F harmonic minor scale on the bass clef. F Melodic Minor Scale. Lets now take a look at the melodic minor scale. For this scale, you raise the sixth and seventh notes by a half step as you go up the scale and then return to alto clef f major

Alto clef is often called viola clef, or sometimes C clef, since the middle line of the staff is the note C. The viola and the alto trombone are generally the only instruments that use this clef. The lines of the staff, from bottom to top are F, A, C, E, G, and the spaces are G, B, D, F.

The bass clef picks up where the treble clef ends. C Clef: The last clef I'll throw at you is the C clef. This is an interesting one because it's movable up and down the lines of the staff to indicate where middle C is located. Alto Clef. When the C clef is centered on the 3rd line of the staff it's called an alto clef, or viola clef. Oct 04, 2009  Test your knowledge of the alto clef and your knowledge of chords with this exercise. Scroll down for the answers. There are 52 chords with a chord number at the start of each line. In the alto clef middle C is on the middle line.alto clef f major The lower tetrachord of F major is made up of the notes F, G, A, and Bb. The upper tetrachord is made up of the notes C, D, E, and F. These two 4note segments are joined by a wholestep in the middle.

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Learn all the key signatures with this interactive key signature helper. Covers treble, bass, alto and tenor clef. All major and minor scales including harmonic and melodic. alto clef f major Start studying Alto Clef: Sharp Keys, Flat Keys, and Scales. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. Notes of F major (WWHWWWH) G A Bb C D Eb F G. Notes of G natural minor (WHWWHWW) Alto Clef Note Names all strings 17 Terms. Alto clef. Where the Cclef is placed on the third line of the stave, it is called the alto or viola clef. This clef is currently used for the viola, the viola da gamba, the alto trombone, and the mandola. It is also associated with the countertenor voice and therefore called the countertenor (or countertenor) clef. Nov 18, 2009 Alto Clef F Major Scale? What are the notes for Viola like on the C string are there any low ones ect. Thanks. Follow. 3 answers 3. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? How to play GMajor in Thirds(ViolaAlto Clef)? Notes in an E Minor scale in Alto clef? More questions. F major scale. The Solution below shows the F major scale notes, intervals and scale degrees on the piano, treble clef and bass clef. . The Lesson steps then explain how to identify the F major scale note interval positions, choose the note names and scale degree names. . For a quick summary of this topic, have a look at Major scale.

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