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2020-02-17 19:56

As the world becomes ever more interconnected and fastpaced, it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep up with everything. These newspapers, however, excel in this task to keep us informed. Looking at their latest circulation numbers, these are the top 10 U. S. daily newspapers. Metrics were sourced from Alliance for Audited Media.Links to over 3, 300 United States Newspapers. Click a state below for a list of links to newspapers in that state. State List. Alabama. Alaska. Arizona. Arkansas. California. major us newspapers list

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Most large newspapers have been accused of liberal bias, and are truly much more broad in perspective than say, uh, Fox, Tass, or Breitbart. The Wall Street Journal, now owned by Fox is conservative. The Washington Post, New York Times, Miami Hera 11 rows Top 10 newspapers by circulation. The following is a list of the top 10 newspapers in the United States by weekday circulation, including digital circulation.major us newspapers list Greenwich News (Connecticut, Greenwich) The Washington Post (Washington DC) Bessemer News (Alabama, Bessemer) Daily News (New York, New York) New York Post (New York) Sussex County News (Delaware, Georgetown) USA Today (National, Arlington, Virginia) Los Angeles Times

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