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2020-02-25 02:51

FORMER army director of records Major Sabiiti Mutengesa has fled to the United Kingdom, citing threats to his life, family sources said yesterday. Sabiiti was living on Plot 110, Mutesa Road inDec 26, 2014 Major Sabiiti Mutengesa became the NRA Director of Records at a time when Museveni had duped Ugandans during the 1996 elections that he was seeking another presidential term so as to proffessionalise the army. The unsuspecting Major Mutengesa took up the army records docket with a lot of zeal and commitment. major sabiiti mutengesa

Dec 21, 2008  MAJOR SABITTI MUTENGESA VS GENERAL KAZINI PART 1. Army Commander Maj. Gen. James Kazini told the press that he had identified 8, 000 to 10, 000 ghost soldiers on the army register. Kazini suspects that the ghosts were created by now exiled Maj. Sabiiti Mutengesa and others then working in the Directorate of Records.

Dec 21, 2008 A PROBE report on the existence of ghost soldiers at the army headquarters in Bombo has exonerated the army Director of Records, Major Sabiiti Mutengesa, of any wrong doing. But the report has sparked off a row in the army as some probe team members insist that Sabiiti has a case to answer. KAMPALA Army Spokesman Shaban Bantariza has said the army does not know where the former director of records, Major Sabiiti Mutengesa is.major sabiiti mutengesa Oct 19, 2001  A disagreement has erupted among the five members of the army probe team set up in August to investigate allegations that the Director of Records Major. Sabiiti Mutengesa

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